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About my zone laser

Waht is my zone laser?

My Zone Laser is the official site for Zone Laser Tag members. From here, you can talk about Zone laser tag, check out how you're doing compared to other members, find out about other sites and members and much more!

My Zone Laser is continuously being improved with new features, so if you have any ideas, let us know at from the Contact Page, or post on our Facebook Page.

What is zone?

Whether it's an action packed adventure for a kid's birthday party, a special team format for a corporate event, or a truly complex game of strategy and skill for league players, Zone Laser Games gives you the perfect game.

Scout groups, social clubs, sporting clubs, and more. Whatever the group, you are certain to enjoy the unique, action-packed fun of a Zone game, followed by the chance to laugh and socialize as you compare scores and re-live the adventure.